AOL by Phone

What is the AOLbyPhone™ service?

The AOLbyPhone™ service helps you manage your AOL email when you're away from a computer: running errands, commuting, or traveling. If you don’t have a free AOL email account, sign up for a screen name.

Dial a toll-free number from any phone and you can listen to your AOL email messages. With simple spoken or touchtone commands, you can filter spam and reply to your email hands-free. Plus, you can create and send email simply by spelling your friend’s email address. Your friend can hear the email you recorded in your own voice, at any computer. The AOLbyPhone service also includes wake up calls at no extra charge.

How do I hear my email over the phone?

The AOLbyPhone service makes it easy to hear your email. After you log in, you can say:

Tip: To protect your privacy, the AOLbyPhone service uses a text-to-speech system to read out your email messages.

How do I respond to an email?

After hearing an email, you can say:

Are there any fees for using the AOLbyPhone service?

The AOLbyPhone service is a premium service available for a monthly subscription fee of $4.95 per month + tax.

Note: If you have a paid AOL online account with a limited-use plan, your minutes of use on the AOLbyPhone service will be counted as minutes of use against your limited-use online plan.